October 28, 2003


computer keyboard My computer keyboard at work is missing the following letters: 'n', 'e' and 'd'. The keys are still there, but the lettering on top of the keys has long gone. 'a', 's', 'd', 'w', 'o' and 'm' are fading fast. Just as well I more-or-less know how to touch type...
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October 23, 2003


dessert, asian style Chendol - one of my favourite hawker center desserts. It looks and tastes, um, somewhat different to typical European/American after dinner treats. It's very sweet, and consists of red beans and green jelly bits on a bed of ice with coconut milk or cream poured over the top. An acquired taste, perhaps.
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take a drink Cocktails at Equinox Bar, top of the Swissotel, downtown Singapore.
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October 21, 2003

Get in ma' belly!

belly Me, Neil and Andrea, 3.30am Sunday morning, Next Page, Mohammed Sultan Road, Singapore.
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