Alexander’s Song

To the tune of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab

They tried to make me take a nap now but I said ‘no, no, no’
Yes I’ve been yawning, yes I’ve been cranky don’t you know know know
I ain’t got the time but my Dad don’t like my cryin’
He’s tried to make me take a nap now but I won’t go go go

I’d rather be awake with Rose
I ain’t got patience for repose
Cause there’s nothing
There’s nothing you can teach me
That I can learn while I’m asleep in bed

I took a short snooze in the car
Don’t you know that this will take me far?

They tried to make me take a nap now but I said ‘no, no, no’
Yes I’ve been yawning, yes I’ve been cranky don’t you know know know
I ain’t got the time but my Dad don’t like my cryin’
He’s tried to make me take a nap now but I won’t go go go

Mum said ‘why do you think you here’
I said ‘I got no idea
I’m gonna, I’m gonna miss out on somethin’
so I always keep the yellin’ near’
She said ‘I just think that you’re tired out,
this me, yeah baby, and the rest’

They tried to make me take a nap now but I said ‘no, no, no’
Yes I’ve been yawning, yes I’ve been cranky don’t you know know know

I don’t ever wanna nap again
I just ooh I just need a friend
I’m not gonna spend two hours
have everyone think I’m part of the snoozing trend

It’s not just my pride
It’s just ’til these tears have dried

They tried to make me take a nap now but I said ‘no, no, no’
Yes I’ve been yawning, yes I’ve been cranky don’t you know know know
I ain’t got the time but my Dad don’t like my cryin’
He’s tried to make me take a nap now but I won’t go go go.


I’m very much enjoying playing around on tumblr.

You can find me here. I mostly post/reblog funny pictures of squirrels, dogs, dinosaurs, stuff about Star Wars, Lego, stuff I find on flickr, interesting quotations and other shiny things that remind me of specific people.

Come join the fun.


The Renegade Craft Fair was in Austin this past weekend. I managed to carve out an hour of my weekend to wander the stalls on Saturday afternoon (thanks Mark!). There was so much to see that I didn’t make it round all the booths, but I liked what I did get to see and came home with several lovely purchases.

I got a couple of things from BabyBolt, including a very cute Owly Baby onesie. I also have mentally bookmarked a potential future BabyBolt purchase – a personalized superhero cape for A-train – very cool! I don’t see any capes up on the Etsy shop at the moment, so I can’t favourite it there for future reference, so this entry will have to serve as my reminder.

I accidentally and unexpectedly fell in love with an enamel cuff from leighelena, which ended up coming home with me. It is so pretty, and it fits my tiny wrist just perfectly. My cuff has a bluey-gray enamel medal that looks like clouds gathering in a stormy sky, set on a soft gray snakeskin band. Love.

I also picked up a couple of foxy prints. One from novarhymes and another from pamelamichelle, which I am planning to frame and hang in the kids bathroom.

Finally, for Alexander, a robot t-shirt.

Huh. Now I’ve written it all down, it seems like I bought more things than I thought! Prices were less (in some cases quite a lot less!) at the fair than they seem to be online though. So, uh, at least I got some good deals?! Yeah. Let’s go with that.

Renegade crafty shopping was fun. Would definitely recommend.

Ask Your Mother

Amongst my Mum’s extensive arsenal of special skills is the ability to remove almost any stain from almost any surface. If I can’t get a stubborn stain out of an item of clothing myself, I invariably turn it over to my Mum.

So it made me laugh out loud when she emailed me a link to this photo.

Ask Your Mother

I guess I’m not the only one.


My sisters and I all like to participate in running and triathlon and general sporty type events. My youngest sisters, Katie and Lennie, are much much faster and more athletic than Billie and I will ever be, but our Mum is our biggest cheerleader no matter how good we are or what the event actually is. She’ll be there jumping up and down and clapping on the side of the road at ridiculous o’clock on a Sunday morning to watch us zoom or plod by.

So when my Dad was out Christmas shopping with Lennie and spotted a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “support your girls”, it seemed only natural that he should get it for my Mum.

When Mum opened the t-shirt on Christmas day and held it out for all to see, a peal of laughter ran through the room from all the daughters.


Dad was defensive. “What? What is it?” he asked.

Mum clued him in.

“Lennie was with me when I got this! Why? Why didn’t you tell me Lennie?!”

“Because it’s a good shirt! And….it’s funny.”

[For the record, I would also like to point out that Lennie managed to get official t-shirts printed for her entire Women’s Track and Field team with [University Name Redacted] WTF on the front. Watch out for her. She can be tricky.]


What is your current obsession?
Finding a stainless steel look (not actual stainless steel, because that is smudgy) counter depth, french door refrigerator with ice and water on the inside. As far as I can tell, this product unfortunately does not exist.

What are you wearing today?
I was wearing a knee length black and white patterned dress with shiny grey ballet flats, but now I’m wearing my pj’s.

What’s for dinner?
I made grilled fish with steamed broccoli and pan fried polenta.

What did you eat for your last meal?
Uh, see above.

What’s the last thing you bought?
Lunch at Clay Pit.

What are you listening to right now?
Pushing Daisies on the telly.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
I’d take Alexander to visit my Nan. She lives in England and we haven’t seen her in ages.

Which language do you want to learn?
Spanish would pretty handy. But I’d love to understand and speak Chinese. It would be awesome to be able to eavesdrop in a language that no one expects me to know. Heh.

What do you love most about where you currently live?
We’re living at my sister’s house while our home is undergoing some renovations. I love her giant comfy bed. Love it. I may have to get one just like it when we move back to our house. Seriously, it’s that good.

What is your favorite colour?
Meh. I like purple. Not sure if it’s my favourite forever and ever though. I wouldn’t, like, marry it or anything.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?
My new “Alice in Wonderland” deep blue silky dress. It’s so pretty!

What were you doing ten years ago?
June of 1999 – I was living in Singapore. I took my first trip to Australia and visited Melbourne, drove to Canberra and met Mark’s family for the first time, went to Sydney for a few days and then had a lovely week’s vacation on Dunk Island with my family.

Describe your personal style?
Classic, comfortable, unfussy.

If you had $300 now, what would you spend it on?
Date night with husband-man and a babysitter for the boy. Or maybe Sims 3.

What are you going to do after this?
Brush my teeth and go to bed 🙂

What are your favorite films?
Meh. I like lots of movies, but I’m not a “favourite film” kind of person. I like “Parenthood” a lot, I guess. It’s funny.

What inspires you?
My family. All of them.

Your favourite books?
Again with the favourites! I like lots of books. Books are awesome.

Do you collect anything?
Dust bunnies under my bed? Other than that, no, not really.

What makes you follow a blog?
I follow a lot of people that I know in real life, or people that make me feel like I know them through their writing and pictures. There needs to be a connection.

What was the most enjoyable thing you did today?
Play hide and seek with Alexander. He ‘counts’ and then runs all over the house shouting “Mummy!” and looking for me, then laughs hysterically each time he finds me. Rosie gets all excited and waggy and snuffly too. It’s an instant mood boost to be around that much joy.

What’s one thing you dream of doing?
Ruling the world. Ok, maybe not the world. How about ruling a company?

Lifted from Kris. Take it from me if you want to :). Or not. I’m not tagging anyone.