Some bastard has stolen my mug off my desk.It was a freebie from a trade show – not valuable or pretty, but I’m cross, because it meant no cup of tea for me this morning. >:\

Last week, someone stole my jacket from the back of my office chair. It was a company issued jacket – nothing very trendy or valuable, but handy to have around, since the air con can be Arctic.

I used to consider my office to be a ‘safe’ place, especially for items of minimal value such as mugs. In the 15 months I have worked here, no one has lifted as much as a pen from my desk. Now the office is full of the transfer team, and things are suddenly disappearing. I’m not the only one effected.

Frankly, it just makes me angry. I want to go to security, and report the theft of my mug. I want to analyse the security camera footage, and collar the sneaky thief. I know the missing items aren’t valuable in any way, but it’s still not right that they get away with it. It’s the principal, dammit. Grrrrr.

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