Day 3: Sendai – Toyko – Tachikawa

Up relatively early to have breakfast and showers and generally get ourselves out of the flat and over to the train station on time with all our luggage.


We arrived on the platform in plenty of time and found our assigned carriage. Naturally our bullet train to Tokyo arrived and departed exactly on time. To anyone who has lived in the UK for an extended period of time, this is an amazing thing! 🙂 The train ride was beautifully smooth and quiet, and the train attendant girl even brought us slippers and a nice hot cup of green tea. I spent some time looking out of the window before following Katie’s lead and reclining my tea for a nap.

The journey in to Tokyo took about an hour and forty minutes, and Marcus met us at the station. We took a local train to another station where we found a luggage locker to secure our suitcases while we wandered the town. And then down to business – lunch! We had a lovely lunch at a nearby restaurant with a nice view.

My Lunch

After lunch, Katie and Marc wanted to ride Thunder Dolphin, so we headed over to the Tokyo Dome. Now, I haven’t done a lot of things in Tokyo, but I actually have ridden Thunder Dolphin before! Which was good, since at 20+ weeks pregnant, there was no way I was going to be riding on this occasion!

Thunder Dolphin

Katie took us to a lush green park area after roller coaster time. I’ve forgotten what it is called, but it had a big temple thing in it. Marc and I had a wander around while Katie had a little rest. I was starting to feel hot and tired too by this point.

5cm taller

But there was still one more stop on our tour – Shinjuku – to see the busy pedestrian junction and check out the giant bright buildings.


Finally, we collected our luggage and caught a train out to Tachikawa to collapse into our teeny tiny boxy hotel rooms. I had a lovely shower and synched up my BlackBerry on the free hotel wi-fi.

Katie really wasn’t feeling well by this stage, so Marc and I headed out for dinner and left her in air-conditioned peace. We wandered through the restaurant area of the shopping mall, looking at the plastic food displays, deciding where to eat based on what food we planned to point at to order. We clearly made good pointing picks, because dinner was yummy and we ate everything on our plates!

Yaktori Don Was Yummy

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