Dear Friends Around The World,

Hi there! I haven’t actually forgotten about you. I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. I still like you. You are fun and cool and I totally wish we would hang out more. But you live so far away! Or…you live right here in town, and I still never see you because you don’t live on my street or work in my building, or hang out at my parents house (which is probably just as well, because that would be strange) and those are pretty much the only places I’ve been spending time for the past year.

But! I have plans. Grand intentions! To leave the house and Do Things. Like….going for a run perhaps, or talking to husband-man and/or friend-type people face-to-face in public places like a restaurant, or a cafe, or maybe even a pub. It could happen, one day. We have 3 nights of babysitting booked for the next month. Three!

My intended re-acquaintance with the Land of Sociable Adults should have been our family holiday to San Diego, where we spent 4 lovely days with friends. But it turned out to just be a practice run, since I immediately came down with a horrible 3-week long cold as soon as I boarded the plane back to Austin, and have been a congested, sleep-deprived wreck ever since. My cold seems to be on it’s way out at last, just in time for work to turn ridiculous in the run up to Thanksgiving. There’s always something.

I’m sorry I’ve been absent for a while. Let’s get together soon. I’ve missed you.


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