100 things

1. I was born in Texas
2. I dual nationality, British and US
3. My accent is mostly British-English, but it can unintentionally slide around depending on who I'm talking to.
4. I've never lived alone. Unless you count 1st year of Uni when I lived in Halls. Which I don't.
5. I've had 14 flatmates, including Mark and Andrea.
6. I'm still in contact with 12 of them.
7. I jog.
8. I don't lift weights regularly.
9. But I probably should.
10. My hair has a mind of it's own.
11. I'm prone to start singing daft songs at random.
12. Sometimes Mark joins in. This makes me happy.
13. I'm left handed.
14. But ambidextrous when it comes to using a mouse, scissors or cutlery though.
15. I live in an apartment. I live in a house!
16. As soon as I live somewhere that has a garden, I'd like to get a dog. I now have a dog! Her name is Rosie, and she is a black labrador.
17. I love dogs.
18. Cats don't seem to like me.
19. I like a good cup of tea, but it's got to be the proper British (ie Indian!) stuff - none of that Lipton crap. Hot, strong tea with just a little milk. Mmm.
20. I've watched the film "Nadia" (the one about the Romanian gymnast chick who got Seven Perfect Tens at the Olympics) about 184 times.
21. Ditto "Parenthood"
22. Ditto "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"
23. Doughnuts are nasty. Am I the only person in the whole world who's never had a Krispy Kreme? I had one. It was ok, I guess. I just don't really like donuts.
24. I'm mildly addicted to Diet Coke.
25. I have three sisters.
26. They are all younger than me.
27. I'm the tallest.
28. I can cartwheel.
29. My ears are pierced. Once. That's all.
30. Tattoos = pain = not for me.
31. Whipped cream is gross.
32. Chocolate is wonderful stuff.
33. My first pet was an Irish Setter.
34. I like to cook.
35. I don't enjoy washing up.
36. I don't mind doing laundry.
37. But I'd rather not iron.
38. I'd rather be too hot than too cold.
39. I wear my watch on my right wrist.
40. I used to teach at a Polytechnic.
41. I can wiggle my ears.
42. I had a Chemistry teacher in high school who would give half a mark to students who wrote down '42' for test questions they didn't know how to answer.
43. I didn't fully understand why until I read "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" in 2nd year of Uni.
44. I currently have 4 email addresses that I check on a regular basis.
45. I'm a dab hand with chopsticks.
46. The first MTV video I remember watching was Peter Gabriel's "Sledge Hammer".
47. I have the very first "Now That's What I Call Music" album on vinyl.
48. My favourite track on it at the time was "Ghostbusters".
49. Me and my friend Judy had a dance routine to it.
50. I still remember the opening moves.
51. Mosquitos think I'm delicious.
52. This is harder to do than I thought it would be.
53. I really try to get to the airport early. I'd rather be there with a couple of hours to spare than stressing in the check-in line and racing for the gate.
54. I play the piano. Badly.
55. I was in the choir at school.
56. I sang alto.
57. I pick the hazelnuts out of my muesli.
58. I like to plan.
59. Rollercoasters are so much fun.
60. Haunted Houses scare me.
61. Je parle francais.
62. Have never driven a motorbike.
63. I'd rather have a starter than dessert.
64. I vote.
65. I think you should vote too. Apathy sucks.
65. Can't talk without using my hands.
66. Love to travel.
67. Incredibly cranky when hungry. Seriously. Feed me quick. It's not pretty.
68. I have a loud laugh.
69. But it's still not as loud as Mark's.
70. In general, I don't like fast food.
71. But sometimes, usually when I'm hungover, nothing beats a burger and fries.
72. I'm allergic to the active ingredients of most over-the-counter sunscreens.
73. More outgoing than shy.
74. Went to a Guns'n'Roses concert on the "Use Your Illusion" tour.
75. I read my horoscope, but I wouldn't plan my life around it.
76. Like to unwind by watching junk TV.
77. Current favourites are 'Gilmore Girls' and 'Boston Public' Glee, Lost and The Mentalist.
78. Don't handle high heels very well.
79. Like candles.
80. Don't understand the allure of playing FIFA on the Playstation.
81. Don't have green fingers.
82. Want to visit the Great Wall of China. Did it! It was awesome!
83. Could never own a gun.
84. Think geckos are fantastic little creatures.
85. Would like to complete a Triathlon. Have done several Sprint and Olympic distance tris. Maybe one day I'll tackle a Half Ironman? We shall see...
86. But need to get fitter first.
87. Don't like working under pressure.
88. But can usually pull out the results if I have to.
89. Do not respond well to criticism. I need thicker skin.
90. Want to ski down Mt. Blanc.
91. Never ever want to go bungee jumping.
92. Not particularly keen on anyone I love going bungee jumping either. It just doesn't strike me as an intelligent thing to do.
93. Have abseiled down the side of the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh for charity.
94. Have three one drivers license.
95. Once drove the wrong way down a divided main road in Austin. Fortunately it was really early in the morning, and there wasn't much traffic.
96. Talk a lot.
97. Give hugs.
98. Put stickers on letters.
99. Frequently spell 'apparently' incorrectly.
100. Am relieved to be at #100!

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