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September 2004:

Dilloman Triathlon

Dilloman Triathlon at Pace Bend Park, Lake Travis. Photos here.

June 2004:

Baseball, Wakeboarding and Puppy portraits

Round Rock Express vs the Midland Rockhouds, an afternoon on Lake Austin and photos of Rosie pup at 11 weeks old. Photos here.

Danskin and Doggie Photos

Photos of the ever-growing Rosie pup, and some pics from the Danskin Triathlon are over here.

May 2004:

Memorial Day Weekend

Some photos of Lennie's graduation and the Magpie over Memorial Day Weekend.

January 2004:

Christmas in Austin and Katie's wedding

Photos from Christmas in Austin, and also some pictures from my sister Katie's wedding day.

December 2003:

Mince Pies

Adventures in baking.

26 Things, Take 2

My entry for the latest round of 26 Things - International Photographic Scavenger Hunt can be found over here.

Singapore Marathon

Mark, Kent and I all ran the 10km course as part of the Singapore Marathon event very early in the morning of Sunday, December 7th 2003. This is the first time that I have run a 10km race, and it went pretty well. Kent and Mark were pleased with their times, and I was totally thrilled to come in under an hour. Here are some pictures from the race and that weekend in general.

November 2003:

Hiking on Hari Raya:

A few pictures from a 12km hike from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to Macritchie Nature Reserve.

October 2003:

Bintan, Indonesia:

Photos from a very enjoyable weekend in Bintan.

Canadian Thanksgiving, Singapore:

No food is featured in the photos I took - I suspect I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures during the meal. But trust me, the food was amazing, the company was wonderful and for these things and many others, I am truly thankful.

September 2003:

Tokyo, Japan:
o Thunder Dolphin Rollercoaster, Tokyo, Japan
o Thunder Dolphin again
o Sign
o Woooohoooo!
o Blurry photo of me on the ride

August 2003:

Macritchie Reservoir Hike
o mark at macritchie
o strange mounds
o trail through the trees
o no more trail
o me

26 Things
My pictures for the 26 Things International Scavenger Hunt are over here. I made a little photographic essay out of my pictures, showing a slice of the story from the wedding in Northamptonshire, and the honeymoon in Chamonix, France and Milan, Lake Garda and Venice in Italy.

July 2003:

Hen Weekend, Edinburgh
Pictorial documentation of the hen weekend activities. Click link or photo below for the rest of the gallery.

The Wedding
o Anna, Naomi, me and Sarah standing around my Nan's living room, waiting to go to the church.
o Me, with veil, ready to go!
o My husband and I, in the getaway car heading from the church to the reception.
o The rings
o Groom and Bride on the top table, grinning like maniacs
o Me, my sisters, my Nan and my Mum, ready for the dancing to begin!

June 2003:

Lomotastic - a gallery of lomo shots.

May 2003:

Japan - Tokyo and Miyazaki
Pictures from my short trip to Japan.

My Mayday Project picture gallery is here.

o Weekend in Kuala Lumpur #1.
o Weekend in KL #2.

April 2003:

Photos from Neil's birthday.

Assortment of pictures taken over the Easter weekend.

March 2003:

Dinner Party
A few dinner party pictures.

Pictures of Andrea and I competing in and completing the Singapore Biathlon.

February 2003:

CNY holiday in Europe
Some pictures taken in England, Northamptonshire, to be precise, Paris, and a few photos from a day in London too.

January 2003:

Pictures taken on the road from Sydney to Canberra on New Year's Day.

December 2002:

Dinner Party, Marathon and Hari Raya
o Christmas dinner party.A few friends and a lot of food.
o Singapore Marathon. I hasten to add that we ran the Marathon relay, not the entire Marathon.
o Downtown Singapore. These pictures taken during the Hari Raya long weekend.

November 2002:

G'bye Delboy
Some snaps from Derek's leaving party

Newton Circus Hawker
o A little less conversation...
o Dinner at Newton Circus

September 2002

Goin' To The Zoo
Trip to Singapore Zoo. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

August 2002:

Weekend in Bintan

Photographic evidence from out in Singapore town.

June 2002:

Trip to the UK
UK holiday snaps.

March 2002:

Pictures from KL.

February 2002:

Trip to Australia
o Canberra
o Sydney

January 2002:

Fez Bar
Pictures from our Engagement Party

December 2001:

France, Scotland and England
Chamonix, Edinburgh and London, to be precise.

o Christmas holiday: Part 1
o Christmas holiday: Part 2
o Christmas holiday: Part 3

November 2001:

Assorted photos in and around Singapore. Click picture to enter gallery.

October 2001:

Pictures from Keith and Kirsten's wedding in San Antonio and various pictures from Austin. Click picture to view album.

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